Career Transition

Are you at a cross-roads in your career? Feeling stuck?

Career Transition causes a flood of emotions and seemingly endless questions? Do you remember how many times you were asked as a child, “What you wanted to be when you grow up?”  Therefore, you had your entire life to figure it out. Now, you are older, wondering if you are going to waste the rest of your life in a job you can’t stand? Where do you go from here?

We can help! We understand how miserable this can make you feel.

Our Career Transition Program is a step-by-step process of practical action items divided into seven modules. Use these modules and begin the process to realizing your full potential, pursuing your dream job and life’s purpose.

This program is based on the fundamental idea that it’s about WHO you are, not WHAT you are. Consequently, searching for the perfect job without changing your mindset, won’t change anything. As a result, you will forever feel the way you do now. Once you figure out WHO you are, the WHAT takes care of itself.

Career Transition Program Modules:

  • History and Experience – Module 1: The journey inward to identify WHO  you are and WHAT you are passionate about begins with awareness and understanding. Where have you been? What experiences you have gained: the good, the bad, and the ugly? Understanding the pros and cons of your employment history is critical for creating your dream job.
  • Interests and Activities – Module 2: Identifying your fundamental interests will help identify your passion. What types of activities do you enjoy on a regular basis. Therefore, building your dream job around your interests and favorite activities ensures a vitality and sense of commitment to your work.
  • Skills and Strengths – Module 3: Going a level deeper into your skills and strengths, will help you recognize those attributes and as a result, learn to utilize them. In conclusion, meaningful work requires use of our natural talents and skills.
  • Values and Needs – Module 4: Fundamental needs and values lie at the core of who you are. This is the foundation to build your dream job. Your needs and values are largely non-negotiable. Furthermore, before you move to the next stage of your career, it is critical to reaffirm these fundamental aspects about yourself.
  • Creating Your Dream Job – Module 5: The road to your dream job begins by putting together all the pieces from the first four modules. Most of all, use these four modules as the expression of your passion and purpose to build the roadmap to your dream job. Therefore, your Dream Job may be to start your own company or simply work for organization that shares your passion and purpose.
  • Action Plan – Module 6:  Create your Action Plan. Take action now and make your dream job a reality. Hence, your Action Plan provides you with a roadmap to realizing your dream job.
  • Personal Scorecard – Module 7: Your Personal Scorecard ensures that you won’t get stuck in an unsatisfying job again. Old unproductive patterns are hard to break. Finally, it’s critical to measure your progress and keep yourself honest and on track.

The Career Transition Program

In conclusion, the Career Transition Program offers one-on-one coaching, through face-to-face meetings or online. Get started now, discover your passion and create your dream job.

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