It begins with getting the right people on the team.

Successful companies understand that the best way to build a high-performing team is to get the best people. Therefore, it’s important to create jobs and hire individuals that match the required strengths for those positions. As a result, successful Employee Onboarding ensures that employees will be effectively integrated into the culture of the organization.

How does Employee Onboarding Work?

Integral Advisors works with our clients during the hiring process. We use industry leading assessment instruments to determine the following characteristics of each job candidate:

  • Decision Making Ability
  • Performance Prediction
  • Job Alignment
  • Performance Risk and Detailers
  • Individual Strengths
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Style
  • Emotional Intelligence

Furthermore, we are guided by the information gained during the assessment phase of the employee onboarding process. You can be confident that you have identified the best candidates for the job, culture, team and organization. In conclusion, employee onboarding ensures you get the best employee to be competitive in today’s challenging environment.

Our Employee Onboarding Programs are customized to specifically meet the needs of the individual, the team and the organization.

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